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Elevate Your Backend Design with AI-Enhanced, Typesafe Visual Tools

Syntaxia transcends typical BaaS offerings like user management, security, and storage. Our platform uniquely provides AI-aided generation of domain models and backend components. Coupled with end-to-end type safety, static analysis, and pattern-driven development, Syntaxia streamlines your process, turning ideas into reality more swiftly and efficiently..

Let AI Do the Heavy Lifting

Our AI takes your prompts and generates domain models and backend components, significantly simplifying the development process. Harness the power of AI and see your ideas come to life faster than ever.

Let AI Do the Heavy Lifting

Experience a new standard in backend development with Syntaxia.

By providing a visual, diagrammatic approach to backend architecture, developers can more intuitively understand, design, and manage their systems. This could reduce errors, speed up development time, and make maintenance easier.

See the Big Picture

Craft and manage your backend architecture visually with intuitive diagrams. Enjoy typesafe programming, eliminating errors and boosting efficiency.

Unify Data with GraphQL like Smart Query Builder

Simplify your app-building process with Syntaxia's visual GraphQL tool, combining diverse data sources for innovative business opportunities.

Work Together, Better

Share your architectural diagrams as presentations within your team, enhancing collaboration and understanding. Keep everyone on the same page and make backend architecture easier to comprehend.

How it works

Syntaxia employs AI to generate backend components based on your product prompts. Use our visual design interface for easy modifications and team collaborations. Finally, deploy the transparently generated backend code on our servers or take it away to break free from vendor lock-in.

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